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Tournament Subsidy 

If you play in a recognized competitive Junior tournament outside of our program (i.e. Maple Leaf Tour, AGA, McLennan Ross, CJGA, EGA, etc) then we will pay a maximum of up to 50% of the entry fees as approved by the board.

If it is not one of these tournaments listed please submit to our Tournament Subsidy Coordinator who will determine if the event is eligible. 

NEW FOR 2019:

When submitting receipts for reimbursement you will be required to submit the following information in order to be eligible:  

  1. Course and event name must be provided
  2. Date of event
  3. Contact information for tournament/event organizer, phone number and email address
  4. Name of Junior playing in the event must be verified with tournament organizer
  5. Confirmation by tournament/event organizer that you you have registered as a member of RVJGC-E (A CONTACT NAME MUST BE PROVIDED FOR VERIFICATION)

All reimbursements will be processed at the end of the season only - deadline for submission is September 15 of the current golf season. 

In addition, the member must have completed and registered in the tournament as a member of the RVJGC-E in order to be considered for reimbursement.  

To qualify your parent must have completed some volunteer commitment to the program and your membership must be in good standing. 

How to volunteer: Volunteer Info 

River Valley Junior Golf Club – Edmonton

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